Programme overview

Assessment only programme overview

The Assessment Only (AO) programme provides a pathway for experienced teachers with a degree to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The AO route allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS, without the need for any further training. The Tommy Flowers SCITT is an accredited and approved AO provider. We offer Assessment Only accreditation for two age ranges: 5-11 and 11-16 (with post-16 enhancement). 

Qualified teachers who trained outside of England (OTTs) can obtain QTS by having their qualifications assessed by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. This includes teachers who trained in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the European Economic Area (EEA), Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America (USA). If your application is rejected or you qualified as a teacher in a different country, you may undertake the Assessment Only Programme.

The Process

The Process

Applications are made jointly by the applicant and the employing school. Upon receipt of the application form and the School/SCITT agreement and verification of the necessary entry requirements, we will then commence the AO process.


An interview by a member of the SCITT team and a senior leader at the school to assess their readiness for the 12 week assessment period. This will include the completion of a subject knowledge audit and a self-audit against the teachers’ standards. Where necessary, an action plan will be put in place before the 12 week assessment process can be started.


The candidate will receive mentor meetings and observations and two assessment points from the School Mentor. The SCITT team will conduct an initial assessment halfway through the 12 weeks and a final assessment in the last week, to include a presentation of the portfolio of evidence.

Final assessment must take place within 12 weeks of registration with the NCTL as an Assessment Only candidate.


There is a charge of £2300 for this programme. There is no funding available for this route. All costs must be met by the applicant and/or the employing school.


It is advisable to speak to one of the Partnership Managers before applying to the Assessment Only programme. For application forms please contact: 

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

All applicants for the Tommy Flowers SCITT Assessment Only programme must meet the following entry requirements before applying to the Tommy Flowers SCITT.

  • A British Bachelors Honours Degree or equivalent qualification. If you are teaching in a secondary school, it is preferable that at least 50% of your degree subject content relates directly to the subject to be taught.
  • GCSEs or equivalent in English, Mathematics (and for Primary applicants, a Science subject) at Grade C or above (Grade 4 or above from 2017).
  • Professional skills tests – passed in both literacy and numeracy prior to starting the programme.
  • Employment as an unqualified teacher in at least two settings prior to application. Your roles as an unqualified teacher will have involved planning, teaching and assessing whole classes. Your second school experience should be a minimum of 20 days and one setting must be a mainstream state school in the UK. You must have experience of teaching across the age range.
  • Current employment at a school willing to support you through this programme. You will need to have a DBS in place with the school in which you will be assessed.
  • Applicants must prove, through the interview process, both their suitability to teach and their ability to meet the standards for QTS without the need for any further training.

The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) can provide advice on the equivalence of overseas qualifications. Click here for more information.