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Case studies

Applicants for our courses come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have a variety of prior experiences. Many applicants are recent or soon-to-be graduates from university, whilst others have been working in schools already, perhaps as teaching assistants, volunteers or office staff. For some applicants, they have already had a successful career in other industries and are looking for a career change, realising that teaching is rewarding and that they can make a significant difference to the lives of children. Explore the case studies below to see some of the paths our current trainees have taken and find out why they have chosen the Tommy Flowers SCITT to provide their teacher training.

Case studies: Emily Rath, trainee 2017-18 with Tommy Flowers SCITT Milton Keynes

Emily Rath, trainee

‘After graduating from university in the summer, I knew I wanted to do my teacher training at a well-recognised and highly respected training provider. The Tommy Flowers SCITT has provided me with lots of hands-on experience. From the day I was accepted onto the course, the staff, schools and fellow trainees have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and positive. I have been provided with endless opportunities and allowed to excel in my training.’

Case studies: Emma Brown-Andrews, trainee 2017-18 with Tommy Flowers SCITT Milton Keynes

Emma Brown-Andrews, trainee

‘Having been employed as a Teaching Assistant in Milton Keynes before deciding to train as a teacher, I wanted to find a local, school-based training provider. One of the main reasons for choosing Tommy Flowers SCITT was the warm and welcoming vibe.  Rather than a business, it felt more personal and I didn’t feel like just a number.  From even before day one of the training, every member of staff I had contact with was, and still is incredibly supportive.  Each session is engaging and valuable in developing my teaching as well as providing support to the schools.’