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Myth 1: “SCITT is only for recent graduates, not career changers like me.”

Tommy Flowers SCITT reality: Absolutely not! Our Tommy Flowers SCITT courses are suitable for all graduates. If you are are engaging, energetic and enthusiastic, meet the entry requirements and have the dedication, organisation, professionalism and confidence to be an inspiring teacher, then we would like to hear from you.


Myth 2: “I need to get a PGCE to be a qualified teacher.”

Tommy Flowers SCITT reality: Nope!  The qualification required to be a qualified teacher in the UK is Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) which all our routes lead to. A PGCE refers to a Postgraduate Certificate in Education qualification which is an option but is not compulsory to become a qualified teacher. Lots of our trainees have completed the Tommy Flowers SCITT’s Tuition-Fee QTS route and gone on to become qualified and employed teachers without completing a PGCE.


Myth 3: “I will have a full teaching timetable straight away.”

Tommy Flowers SCITT reality: Not necessarily. If you are on the apprenticeship or salaried course, it is true you will be teaching more hours sooner than a tuition-fee trainee because you have sufficient experience to do so. However, if you are on a tuition-fee course your teaching hours gradually increase throughout the year so you are teaching 16 hours a week by the end of the course.


Myth 4: “I will be left to plan and teach lessons by myself.”

Tommy Flowers SCITT reality: Not the case. All our trainees are allocated a school-based mentor who is a qualified and experienced teacher. At The Tommy Flowers SCITT, we work closely with our mentors and provide comprehensive mentor training throughout the course to ensure our mentors are best positioned to support you to become an effective teacher. Several of our Tommy Flowers SCITT training sessions are also dedicated to planning effective lessons so you will receive plenty of support.


Myth 5: “I think I’ll struggle to find a job.”

Tommy Flowers SCITT reality: You shouldn’t do and we will help you. Tommy Flowers SCITT training include sessions on the recruitment process and interviews, we share local school job opportunities and can advise you on positions, applications and interviews.

We have a 100% employment rate following successful completion of our courses, with many of our trainee’s securing employment in our local partnership schools as Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and with new schools regularly opening in Milton Keynes there will be plenty of opportunities to find employment.


Now these myths have been busted, what’s stopping you? Our courses page has all the information you will need to work out which pathway would be the most suitable one for you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.