Programme overview

Part time primary programme overview

The Tommy Flowers SCITT part time primary programme will be taking applications from October 2019, with the first trainees starting the programme in September 2020. The part time programme leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and you have the option to take this wtih or without the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Running for three days per week across just four terms, our part time route gives flexibility for tuition-fee trainees. You could be employed (away from the programme and your training) for two days a week, easing the financial pressures of full-time training.

As with our full-time course, the majority of your time will be spent in the classroom where you will learn from experienced teachers, including your personal mentor.

A flexible training approach

In the first two terms (September to April), you will be based in your placement school for two days a week, receiving training alongside full-time trainees on a third day (Friday). Although the three days must remain the same for the whole year, only the Friday is set by the Tommy Flowers SCITT. You will have the flexibility to agree the other two days with your placement school.

In the third term (April to July), you will be placed in a contrasting school and year group for two days per week with Fridays continuing to be dedicated to core training. In the fourth and final term (September – December), all three days will be spent in the classroom, back in your original placement school.

In addition to the core training, you will have additional visits to ‘specialist’ schools, developing skills specific to your needs. This enables you to experience a range of educational approaches and work with the unique, dynamic and diverse communities that Milton Keynes has to offer.

From day 1, you will be regarded as a teacher in your school. However, your teaching timetable will develop and grow to suit your own experience, pace and progress. Typically, trainees observe across their schools for the first two weeks, before starting to take parts of lessons. You will start by team teaching with your mentor and then lead whole lessons. By the end of the course, you will be the lead teacher for 80% of the three days.

Please note that the part time nature of this programme refers to the number of days per week you will be training. Trainees are required to be in school for the full day on their training days (typically 8am – 5pm) and are likely to have additional work to complete, e.g. at the weekend.

Entry requirements and finances

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for our part-time course are the same as for the full-time course.

Please note that the part-time route leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with or without a PGCE.


Part-time with PGCE

The tuition-fees for our part time primary programme are as follows:

Year 1 (September to July): £6,500

Year 2 (September to December): £3,500

Part-time without PGCE

The tuition-fees for our part time primary programme are as follows:

Year 1 (September to July): £6,000

Year 2 (September to December): £3,500

See our fees and finances page for further information about financing your course. It is also advisable to contact Student Finance England to see what financial support you may be entitled to.

Training sessions

Training sessions

In the first year, your Fridays will be training days based at St. Paul’s Catholic School or one of our other partner schools. You will join your fellow trainees  for a broad programme of training that Ofsted (December 2017) described as ‘exemplary’. Led by experts in their fields from across the city, the training programme follows two strands:

Subject studies

These sessions develop your understanding of the most effective strategies for teaching all subjects taught in the primary age range. You will leave the course with an understanding of the National Curriculum from Early Years to Year 6.

Professional studies

During these sessions, you will explore the skills of becoming an outstanding teacher. This includes learning to support children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) or Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND).

PGCE (optional)

If you choose to take the PGCE, you will take three modules exploring SEND, Behaviour for Learning and an education hot topic of your choice. The PGCE sessions take the form of lectures, workshops, tutorials and presentations.



The Tommy Flowers SCITT is an evidence based programme. You will have to demonstrate that you have met each of the Teachers’ Standards and will be assessed half-termly. Assessment components include:​

Teaching file

This is a form of continuous assessment; over the year you will collect evidence from all areas of the course to demonstrate that you have met the Teachers’ Standards to achieve Qualified Teacher Status by the end of the course. This will include lesson plans, resources, observations and evaluations.

Learning file

This is evidence of your learning over the year, including notes from training, subject knowledge development and evidence of meeting Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards.

Progress standards file

This is a bundle of evidence showing your understanding of which pupils are making progress and why, It includes examples of your marking,  feedback and data to show their development and a reflective commentary.

The interview process

The interview process

If called to one of our selection days, you will be sent full information via email. The selection days are an opportunity for us to get to know you but also for you to find out more about us and the course.

The selection day includes the following:

    • A presentation from us to you about the course
    • A tour of the school hosting the day
    • A 20 minute task with a group of 8 children
    • A 5 minute presentation (the topic will be shared in advance)
    • Literacy tasks 
    • An interview

The selection process will usually last approximately half a day.  Further information and resources for this will be sent out when you are offered an interview and we are always willing to answer any questions you may have before the selection day.