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Applying to train

SCITT interview: what to expect

Prepare in advance

Teaching task

As part of your SCITT interview, you’ll be asked to teach a small group of pupils for about 20 minutes on a topic of your choice.

For primary candidates, your teaching task should be linked to a book or extract from a book, but this doesn’t limit you to a reading activity. Previous applicants have taught drama, music, science, writing or history lessons based upon an extract from a book. For secondary, your activity should link to the subject you are applying to teach.

Whatever you do, you can prepare by choosing a topic that interests you and finding ways to involve all the pupils. Think about what the pupils might learn in 20 minutes and what questions you might ask. All of our teaching tasks are technology-free, so consider what resources you might need to prepare and bring with you.

Illustration of a teacher working with four pupils.
Prepare in advance

5 minute presentation

As well as talking to our classes, we talk to families, colleagues and governors in a range of environments from intimate meetings to large assembly halls. To ensure you have the fundamental English skills to become a teacher, we will give you a topic in advance to prepare a 5 minute presentation to deliver to the panel during your SCITT interview.

This is nothing to worry about; there is no technology involved, you don’t have to stand and you can bring your notes with you.

Written task

All candidates are asked to complete a short piece of writing to demonstrate they have the fundamental English skills needed to be a teacher. Secondary candidates will also complete a brief subject knowledge paper. You won’t need to prepare in advance for either of these activities.

Interview questions

We are not looking for the finished product but for candidates who have the potential to train to teach. Your SCITT interview will try and get a sense of why you want to be a teacher, what you know about schools and teaching and what strengths you can bring to the profession. If you know anyone else who has been a teacher, you can talk to them about their role. Why not volunteer at your local school to find out more about being a teacher?

When will I find out the outcome?

We won’t keep you waiting to find out if you’ve gained a place on our course. In the majority of cases, you’ll learn the same day if you’ve been successful, so that we can start the process of enrolment and place you in one of our fantastic, local placement schools.